Why do people like Valve Games?

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Valve was founded in 1996, and is good company that maintains a positive relationship with their customers. Valve is also known for its’ awesome designs and atmosphere in the online gaming community. The most welcomed games they offer are Half Life and Portal. When Half Life was released in 1998, it made a huge impression on gamers which lead to Half Life 2 in 2004. There is a growing anticipation among gamers who cannot wait for Valve to release Half Life 3, though recent online reports leave skeptics wondering if this third installment actually exists. There are also some games which bored many online gamers and frustrated others. These include versions of Fortress and Left 4 Dead. A new product called Steambox (or SteamOS) was an innovation introduced by Valve, and is an operating system designed especially for gaming. This further disappointed pc gamers who felt they were force fed a console relating to the gaming experience. Regardless of the negative feedback, Gabe Newell (co-founder and managing director of Valve) assured the population-heavy ‘Valve’ fanbase that the Steambox console is not forced on anyone, but merely an opinion that can be purchased.

Since Valve hasn’t released a good game since 2012, fans are starting to think that their company has become more interested in mass market products like Steambox. Valve was considered the kind of company which produced more than 90% of the games that people wanted to play. They were also on the forefront providing great service for pc gaming in addition to low cost products and interesting games. Few gamers do not like the shooting controller for Valve, which is very different for Call of Duty (COD). The technique is referred as ‘hip shooting’ by gamers while (COD) games provide easier aiming feature controls. Despite these annoying differences, this is what makes Valve games feels more like Valve to many of their faithful fans. Valve is often compared with major game providers like Rockstar, Blizzard and Sony. There doesn’t appear to be much dispute over gamers being more attracted towards Valve, though companies like Blizzard and Activision are still doing a great job attracting Valve fans to try their games. If public opinion leans too far for Valve management to see fit to release more new games, this might spell the end for what was once a breakthrough online game company. Then again, Valve fans readily enjoy games that can still be played as often as they wish.

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