What is Virtual Reality?

heroVirtual reality isn’t a new concept, but is getting a very well-marketed second wind revamp. Actually the concept of virtual reality has taken many forms throughout history. These attempts to duplicate what we see visually with our eyes, and hear with our ears, often falls short of other senses such as smell, taste, and touch. This concept also has taken-on different forms of public opinion too, though it has always been long considered just a curious entertainment without purpose. When it comes to training, virtual reality simulators help pilots, surgeons and doctors, and various military soldiers view dangerous locations without physical risk involved. Have we returned to the idea of virtual reality with open arms or is this just another improved design of the “Sensorama”?

Many smartphone owners can experience the Virtual Reality experience on a budget. It’s a low tech method that is easy for most people to try without much money invested. Depending which smartphone you own, you can buy VR goggles that come in a full variety of styles and shapes. They can be generic fits to accommodate any Android smartphone, or selected to use only the model you already own. Now these headsets don’t give you the true VR experience as you might expect any IMAX film could deliver, but it’s close enough for a budget ranging from $50-200 dollars to afford. To get more of the feeling that higher end models provide, you’ll need to take the gear one step further.

What many mobile companies are recommending for both Android and iPhone owners to get the VR effect are varieties selected from this top 5 list.

Samsung Gear VR: lets you slip a Samsung Android smartphone into the front of these goggles to give the VR effect.

OnePlus Loop VR: is similar to the Samsung Gear VR, but allows general Android sizes between 5-6 inches to fit.

LG 360 VR: also works for LG-G5 models which connect to these special VR goggles fitted with 920×720 resolution per display and offers and eye sensor to further allow you to look around the VR world. It easily connects to your LG-G5 smartphone with a Type-C cable.

Google Daydream: is the budget friendly answer to the popular Google Cardboard with a release date this year around August. Price will be similar to the Samsung Gear VR market price (about $100 bucks)

This version supports several Android models that fit snugly into the frontal goggle space.

zeiss_2125_968_vr_one_virtual_reality_1116545Zeiss VR One and One GX: Finally somebody thought to add the iPhone category for those who like Apple products. It works best with iPhone 6, SGS6, and Sony Xperia Z5 among others which a special selection of loading trays hold your smartphone securely in place. One of the more genious designs that are offered to the public at just a mere 120 US dollars!

If you’re looking to get top rated VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Hive that serve as being the full Virtual reality feeling -which allows you to view images wherever you happen to be looking. They even include the accessories that allow Wii controllers to enable you to pick up objects or interact in some way in that VR world. Most folks might gasp at the $600 (and up) asking price which includes the goggles with built in headphones and microphone, a sensor, and an xBox One controller. Before you commit to buying any of these upscale items you should also make sure your pc or gaming console has the appropriate amount of power and memory to run the headset itself! Still a long way away from getting real feel and senses of another world, these new products are highly anticipated as being the newest craze for dedicated virtual gamers everywhere.