What does Alliance Studio do for the MMORPG Industry

There is one company that takes a different approach to the appreciation and popularity of MMORPG games that are seen today. As the number of people playing MMORPG’s increases every day, Alliance Studio has made massive steps in their role to ensure that online game enthusiasts get something new to enjoy when playing these games. It’s the task of Alliance Studio to offer the best in design methods and styles, which leads to the manufactured entertainment products captured within exclusive art and form. Through this, more and more people are preferring MMORPG games to any other games that they can easily purchase. Alliance Studios provides a glimpse of MMORPG game characters on a large scale which intensifies the impact of what these characters might do in real life. Much like a one-stop-shop, they also provide all aspects of design, specialty costumes, characters, production design, motion picture sales/development for many different mediums. This includes digital paintings, 3D maquettes, models, traditional illustrations, clay maquettes, and post production services with ready assets. They have also specialized in creating digital-ready models for output directly from their designs, or even from designs which clients bring to them.

They are one of the few studios that is a fully equipped build solution that works for any media related type. Specializing in Specialty Costumes, Creature/Make-up Effects, and Specialty Displays. They have a huge facility that is able to accommodate many projects of different sizes at the same time deliver-on-time speed, complete with a maximum support team that aids on-location, on-set, or any given local exhibit hall. Without a doubt, Alliance Studio has perfected the ‘concept to creation’ disciplines for modern entertainment art production. Combined with years of experience in the film industry, they have use it to their advantage to inspire many more exciting MMORPG games, especially during the development process. They strive toward a goal of offering productions with the most efficient construction methods and unique design concepts delivered to any project on-budget and on-time. Some of the most memorable creations that Alliance Studio have done for the MMORPG industry exhibits were impressive enough to be re-crafted into solid Bronze and displayed proudly in front of the Blizzard Entertainment world headquarters located in Irvine, California.

blizzcon 2016