Top 10 Gaming Laptops of 2016

Another great top 10 list should also include the most reliable portable pc’s used by online gamers these days. This category breaks down into select areas to help you get a better idea which ones optimize function over hardware specifics. Now first of all, as a rule of thumb you’ll need to consider any decent laptop is at least 1000 dollars to achieve the best results for gaming, then again you might find a bargain along the way too.

Best-Gaming-Laptops-2015Alienware 15 -offers a full HD display screen and is perfect for online gaming. Has a pretty good memory storage and sound quality. There are even programmable customized settings for lighting and marcro commands. While it doesn’t offer a touch screen and is chunky enough for overall weight, it’s got everything you need for online gaming under 1200 bucks!

Dell Inspirion 15 7000 series (7559) -as you might recall the line: “Dude- You’re getting a Dell” isn’t so bad after all. And keep in mind this isn’t even close to the Alienware 15 model either! At just 750 bucks, this model is surprisingly light (just under 6lbs.) It only has 8GB memory but makes up for a full 1TB of hard drive memory storage. Built-in speakers tend to be mousy, so be sure to hook-up some exterior sound boosters, otherwise a steal for the standard gaming tasks you like.

asus-g751jt-gaming-laptopAsus ROG G751JY-DH72X -is a real workhorse for extra performance needs. Has many more ports than expected with 32GB, and a 1TB hard drive storage. Sure it’s the heaviest on this list at just 9.06 lbs., the little extras you get make up for what it lacks. Still a bargain for under $1500 dollars too!

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 -is the little brother with a bit more kick to quality control for smoother animations, but only gives a 16GB memory with an additional 1.25TB of hard drive memory. This version features anti-glare coating for the screen and gives HD images a less sharpened appearance. Still it’s lighter overall by a whole pound compared to the DH72X model.

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G-1438 -offers a decent game card but lacks good memory at only 1128GB and 16GB RAM. On the up side you get a big 17.3 inch screen and loads of connection ports. Sure you’ll likely spend over 2 grand for this model, the hardware insures you get no glitch animations for epic online game play.

eon17-x-right-angle-keyboardOrigin EON15-X -gives you fine memory featuring 16GB RAM and 4.0GHz speed processor. The GeoForce 980M isn’t shabby either to give you the high end results you need. You can find this model listed just over $1600 dollars, and is worth the 1.240TB of memory storage needed for serious gamer play!

Origin EON17-X -as if there could be a sequel to the EON15-X laptop, it has good and bad points that cancel each other out. It’s a pound heavier but offers a bigger screen, only 8GB of RAM yet runs from 4.5GHz of speed processing. See how that works out? This model starts at over 1700 bucks and does pack a punch for serious function and game performance.

Razor Blade (2016) -if small was an option in this list, then Razor Blade is leading the pack. It weighs 4.26 lbs. and has a small display screen of 14 inches. Not a major player for RAM holding only 16GB and a decent 2.6GHz speed processor included. Not well suited for QHD+ games, but does have an incredible 3200 x 1800 monitor resolution, the highest level provided among this list! The aluminum housing makes for a lighter weight- but can run hot when gaming time kicks in. It’s starting price at $2000 bucks makes it more chik than shabby…

laptop-acer-predator-15-g9-591-74kn-156-ips-i7-32gb-1tbAcer Predator 15 (G9-591-74KN) -has a more affordable price starting at only $1500 dollars and offers potential to be improved. Swappable fan module, long battery life, 32GB RAM, and extra ports! Gives you great speed and graphics with room for expandable memory to boot. If you don’t mind an 8 pound laptop, this one is perfect for you!

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-17 (80Q0001NUS) -You get a fine mix of memory, performance, and battery life like no other. The IdeaPad is the perfect entry level gaming laptop just under 1200 bucks in this category. It comes 17.3 inch screen, a 7 hour battery lifespan, and weighs 7.9 lbs too! Built in sound also is a plus for a laptop that gives great results for entry level gaming.