Top 10 Gaming Devices

This list of top 10 gaming devices is not the average list you will find, but certainly one of the best sources of consoles and hand held devices you might like to own for yourself. And it’s certainly not the last of any list that will be on the market in the next few months, so there is always the error you might see something new around the corner as soon as it’s on the market. Presented here for you is the top 10 list of gaming devices that are the most popular at the moment.

xxxxxxSony and Microsoft are two major rivals who both have excellent gaming consoles and for this reason are at the top of the list for obvious reasons. Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have great qualities that offer the pc gamer full functions from the controller. Both are value priced to attract new players who are looking for excellent graphics and speed needed for the variety of games you can play from them.

Those of us who might remember hand held games from Sega, Tiger, or Coleco might also enjoy the new wave of hand held devices that are making a new comeback of sorts. As if these mini consoles ever get boring, two great options to consider are the PlayStation Vita Slim and Nintentdo 3DS XL. Both are also priced accordingly to fit everyone’s budget. While you will get more realistic graphics and lots of games with PlayStation, those who like the retro Nintendo feel will never stray too far behind with their fun action based game pack assortment as well.

130610_4_forRHQ_NOcameraNext on our list is rather virtual based since the newest technology allows pc gamers to experience more virtual reality than ever before. We follow two of the newest models that have to be seen in order to believe what they can do. The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are both virtual reality headsets that integrate the VR experience like nothing else you’ve seen before. While they are still a conservative price doubled that of the PS4 or Xbox gaming consoles, these VR headsets offer pc gamers an opportunity to get up and actually move around for a change!

Some gaming consoles do have ups and downs and that includes these two popular versions that everyone is talking about. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Alienware Steam Machine. Now both offer tons of older games with the power of the pc behind them, but there are some drawbacks that are frustrating nonetheless. If you’re a dedicated gamer, these two offer a stash of games that are well worth the cost to own each console.

nintendo-wii-uWhat would a top 10 list be without the niche market items. There are a couple that stand-out as being just that exactly. The first is the Nintendo Wii U which has cool new games and a cool double console screen that mirrors onto a standard monitor or TV when you play the generous spread of Nintendo games. The other console is an Android version that allows you to play online pc games. The Nvidia Shield is similar to the Xbox 360 controller but with the power of the internet to play all your favorite online games. Both of these machines can access the internet, watch Netflix movies, and surf the net. Luckily they are both similar in price levels well under the PS4 price tag.