The Future of Gaming Consoles

Advancements in gaming (has for a while) been a waiting game between the vendors and enthusiastic consumers about the latest news that concludes the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) are about to witness a new tech revolution in the gaming sphere circles is about to be witnessed. With the heat of competition continually rising, the search for new cutting-edge technology increases, so it’s no big surprise that the three major game console manufacturers that include: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all on the run for big money profits. Microsoft to start with, is kicking-off their tech revolution with a new ‘sweet spot’ for their consumers and the larger gamers’ community at large.


During the E3, Microsoft proudly announced plans to manufacture the next generation of consoles with upgradeable hardware and software, which so far has been received with much-awaited applause. Most people have complained of the apparent “console cycle” that requires them to purchase a whole new unit if they want to enjoy the latest games that run only with that new technology. Soon enough (with no one knowing when), this will be a thing of the past. As it stands, this new development has not settled well for the competition. You see- for a long time, Virtual Reality has been a dream of the future (but for Sony), the future is already with us.


During the E3, Sony proudly presented its design for the “future of gaming” within its’ VR kit. Though not officially launched, but with certain plans underway, the VR has already gotten many people talking. It didn’t stop there just yet as rumors of a PS 4.5 have now become so loud that rumor based reviews and spec lists have recently surfaced. But with its’ production dates for release and apparent features still hidden in the dark, all we can do is wait. One thing for sure, it will be more of a robust build in comparison to the famed PS4 (which has already clocked 40 million units on sales), since it was released in November of 2013.


Nintendo has surprisingly been low-key in the tech rush. The only known plans they have announced so far is leaning toward a hybrid console. Being largely known for their hand-held consoles than non-portable ones, Nintendo is planning on putting them together as a ‘two-in-one’ package. Will it work? Well, only after the official launch of the first hybrid- can we find out (and hopefully), it won’t flop like their Wii U.

One might ask, “Why all the new Technology?” Well, gaming has been and still is a very dynamic field. Gamers demand more which essentially pushes for the further demand of better performing games and improving the overall gaming experience. This includes better graphics, better sound, and mind-numbing gaming play. As long as the gaming culture is in full swing, new technology will always be on the shelves as soon as it’s released. The best consoles are still waiting for that magic day when they go up for sale. Until then- we can only enjoy the best that’s available currently.