Social media gaming vs social gaming

angry birds

In the last five years, there has been a massive growth in the social gaming sector. Mobile games like Tetris weren’t anywhere close to the kind of popularity that the early social games like Farmville and Angry Birds have gained. Although a lot of people back in those days were ardent followers of “Call of Duty”, the constant growth of social gaming gradually changed things. One major attribute was the rise of smartphones, which completely changed the scene of the gaming world. With the advent of the year 2015, social gaming was all set to leave the consoles behind in the matters of revenues as well, as reported by Fortune Magazine. According to the reports of CNBC in April 2016, the online video games and social gaming had not only beaten-out console gaming according to user base, but were also almost ready to leave the console gaming sector behind in the matter of gross revenue losses worldwide. Owing to their expensive price rates, gaming consoles didn’t gain much popularity among the modest classes of society and in the budding economies. On the other hand, online video games provide easy access, and enable people to invite and play with their online friends, best yet- there is little or no cost involved.

clash of clans

The improvement in the graphics and UI (user interface) of smartphones, are another reason behind the popularity of social gaming. In June 2014, CNET reported how PC games were trying to make a comeback in the gaming industry with their E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Nothing substantial came out of the expo, and mobile gaming still rules the roost. Although there in no significant decrease in the global revenues generated from console hardware and software, the fact that their popularity has greatly suffered at the hands of social gaming can’t be denied. According to research published by Newzoo in May 2015, not all the social gaming platforms are popular. It requires a catchy set-up and eye candy graphics to attract the right kind of internet audience. While games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, and Candy Crush have broken all records, a majority of many other great games largely go unnoticed simply because they lack the flashy appeal of mainstream trend games. Now with gaming consoles, each new season with the latest FIFA release from EA Sports are a huge hit, and there are barely any games that aren’t successful despite a pubic hunger for newer exciting releases. With the inclination that much of the world leans toward smartphones and mobile technology, it would only be wiser to say that console gaming would soon be limited only to the hardcore gaming enthusiasts.