Best Gaming pc’s

So you’re looking for the best gaming pc that obviously give excellent results and offer affordable price tags that go along with that. Whether you decide to stick to a budget or spend like there’s no tomorrow, there are always considerations you should keep in mind. Your computer processor helps keep the speed that’s needed, especially if you decide to overclock your processor to improve the power of the PCU. Most processors that are a favorite for gamers offer 3.5-4.5GHz which can allow overclocking. Then again, for a pc you’ll also need a proper cooling system to keep overclocking heat under control. Expect these cost factors to rise higher when more speed is needed.


Choosing a Motherboard is equally important and shouldn’t be an item that is skimpy or over-looked by gamers since this board also needs. Specific motherboards are produced especially for gamers which increase audio quality, memory, and overclocking options. Graphic Cards are just as important as a motherboard can be. These better control the images and animation that’s seen when gaming takes place. Memory and RAM should be considerable also since these too increase the amount of information that is processed, otherwise the game may run slower than you like. Having a high quality monitor will enhance any visuals you may need, so picking one that offers HD graphics at the highest resolution and pixel response time. It’s only a matter of choice for extra accessories including headsets, and gaming gear.

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Some examples of gaming pc’s that are the hottest sellers currently in 2016 are:

Alienware Area 51

Asus ROG G20AJ

Overclockers Asteriod

Overclockers Titan Virtual Force

Maingear Shift

Lenovo Ideacentre Y900

Lenovo Erazer X510 Gaming Desktop

Acer Predator G3-605

HP Envy Phoenix

MSI Nightblade Mini Gaming PC Phoenix

Cyberpower Trinity 300

Scan 3XS Vengeance