Best gaming for mobile 2016

Without a doubt there is only one choice for iPhone used for gaming and happens to be an easy choice with Apple releasing iPhone 6s Plus. This smartphone offers a 5.5 inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and a generous 64 bit A9 processor. In short you get about 2GB RAM with an optional storage that can give from 16, 24, or 128 GB. Now as far as gaming power, you can play fast paced games such as: Badland 2, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Warhammer 40k: Freeblade. This is a touch screen model and has active battery life for (up to) 8 hours, though for these themed best seller games you might want to keep the heat down by laying this iPhone on a portable cold pack (wrapped in fabric -so no water drops get into the phone), then there is no over-exposure to heat build-up. Neat trick huh? The down side to iPhone 6 Plus S does include overheating due to memory use while playing these action-packed games.

samsung7Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Android smartphone that has the best solution for gaming so far. Whether you select the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you’ll find this smartphone has quite a unique game tool which improves gaming overall. The settings you can activate are a must for any gamer who doesn’t like to get sidetracked during game play. Packed into this 5.1 inch touch screen with 4GB of RAM, and is powered with a 1.6GHz octa-core processor. In addition to a powerful backbone of memory and electronics the S7 offers an extra Game Tool folder where you can disable alerts and notifications so nothing may interrupt your game. Another feature is pretty obvious since you can lock back keys icons and recent app buttons on the bottom of the screen so you don’t press them by accident. Other options let you reduce the game to a single icon image if you do need to check for calls or pause the game itself. You can also take screenshots and recorded video with your own narration. All of these setting can be found within the Game Tool settings. Samsung also has a package of games that can be added as apps or downloaded. Big titles including Badland, World of Tanks: Blitz, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Another bonus is the Galaxy S7 doesn’t get nearly as hot when playing as opposed to the iPhone 6 Plus S model usually does.

Finally there is one possible alternative for the Android user which is called the Acer Predator 6, and is much awaited by gamers for so many good reasons. This impressive 6 inch touch screen is packed with 4GB of RAM and features a deca-core MediaTek processor. Even the battery offers a 5000mAh which is a very big battery (for this size class) that offers faster charging time and longer life to boot. Since this model has yet to get a release date, the hype over this amazing product is sure to replace the Galaxy S7 right away. Then again customer reviews are the final say over any hype that Acer spits-out since this product reveal last year. There is no info about whether this battery gets hot or even warm, but rest assured it might be the best of mobile phones for gamers ever to be made.