A legendary game many want to play!


Half-Life 3 is of course starting to feel like that kind of rumored urban legend among PC gamers, whispered frequently among faithful fans of Valve. Those who have never played Half Life or Half Life 2 may wonder why? This series is more intoxicating than the technology that makes your GPU work, and the long lasting effect of the action scenes are more entertaining than any decent action film. Valve’s third installment in the original shooter series should have lots of action, great digital effects and of course, the support from the leading developers. These are just a few of the pros, yet still there is just one problem. Half-Life 3 has long since been waiting for an actual release date, duhhh!

With each passing year that Valve neglects to specify a release date, and thus the perplexing puzzle develops. The anticipation may make the game even more desirable for some- but as time passes, new competition for Half-Life 3 arises in the wake of this. Some online players are even starting to think it’s somewhat more dull when compared with newer and more thrilling shooter games. They also hope they will not have to invest a great deal of energy in an auto or speed pontoon simply going to satisfy a goal, as they did with Half-Life 2…

Gabe Newell – A Legend ln Gaming


Gabe Newell is a legend in gaming and in the world of business. He holds a history much like that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. They both attended Harvard University, and both dropped-out early! Newell stopped studying at Harvard subsequent to being convinced to join Microsoft through Steve Ballmer -who was head of sales at that time. Gabe Newell now runs Valve Corporation, which assumes a major part in PC gaming deals through its Steam store. Some compare Steam to iTunes in terms of computer games.

Through Steam, Valve offers licenses to 125 million clients. Newell has guided Valve since he established this as his personal storefront for his products, back in 1998. He did not do that totally alone and for obvious reasons decided to partner with Mike Harrington. He and Harrington met while working at Microsoft together. Gabe is also better known for developing the Windows operation system at Microsoft. As you already may know, Steam is known for several games, including Half-Life and its associated Portal universe. Steam started impacting the gaming industry in 2003 and turned into the biggest online merchant of its kind with more than 30 million accounts! Steam is the accepted online standard for PC based recreational software. In 2010, Steam started to offer Mac options with Linux titles that became available in 2012.

Half-Life – The Portal Universe

Half-Life - The Portal Universe

The Half-Life and Portal universe was designed by Valve Corporation in 1998. This game has four related story curves: Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2. Not only that, there are no shortage of custom mods that can be applied with each of these game titles too. Now many fans are hoping Half-Life 3 will be the next big thing, but that still remains to be seen. Since 1998, many independent developers have been releasing numerous Half-Life alterations, extensions, and spin-offs, the greater part of which are set in a similar universe. The vast majority of them were created by Valve or endorsed on the Valve porthole. In 2005, Electronic Arts assumed control over circulation of all the Half-Life products.

Where is the future of Half-Life?

Where is the future of Half-Life?

Since it was first released, Half-Life has been used with many consoles, for example, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. In addition, players who use a Mac have also been able to enjoy the series. As for Half-Life 3, it may be a confusing and frustrating, and there’s no shortage of players who really have no idea what to expect when the game is finally available. However, these hopeful fans of the initial series hope that the action and high tension drama that first captured their attention will actually happen. As if there were such a thing as the holy grail of video games, Half-Life 3 may only be the kind of stuff that dreams are made of…

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