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World of Video GamesWelcome gamers to Gamers-hardware.net, the one place you can find all the newest hardware and software which gives online gaming the back-up information and hottest picks you’ll find in 2016. We’ve revamped a lot of our old files to breathe new life into a website that was lacking the potential to do more for online gaming. Bringing the newest articles and bets picks for gaming consoles that everyone wants to get their hands on.

We’ve added a slew of hot pick pages that make it easier for you to check out the newest consoles on the market. Want to know what’s happening in online gaming or how the industry is changing, we’ve got that covered too. Things have taken such a dramatic turn since virtual reality is quickly taking the next step into the future of MMORPG’s, the tip of the iceberg only shows a sample of what’s on the horizon with new units like what the Oculus Rift has to offer.

Are you serious about online gaming? There are different ways to play games online. Apps on a Mobile phone and Tablet, online casino games, Virtual Reality games and more. (For example, check out some of the casino games from CasinoCanada.com and a list of best Canadian online casinos where players can bet with real money online). Take the power and speed of the newest gadgets that keep you in the loop longer and give the best quality for your money with our latest articles about gaming laptops and mobile devices. These top picks may end-up saving you even more money. Forget those online advertisements that push products you don’t need. Our pool of online experts and internet friend are hard at work to search for the kinds of products that combine the right amount of RAM and battery life, all the way down to which smartphones keep cool enough to be practical for gamers to enjoy. The same applies to laptops that support the larger network of online gaming needs. Where your home pc gives you just as much punch, we give you lots of info about the newest laptops that rival any of those pc’s meant for home use only.

We also give a great list of the newest and wildest online games that everyone wants to play. As if you didn’t know there are those online who are looking to exploit your gaming fun, we cover the issues and problems of hackers, and how to avoid getting hacked from any device you own. These sneaky hack-tricks are easy to spot so we’ve dedicated a page to spot them before they strike and get into your private information. Even though the internet is hanging on the edge of virtual reality, you get a better idea how this concept got started and then how it was totally rebooted! With any of the incredible VR games available, they can take you into totally amazing worlds. Are they truly the experience we are ready to take that to the next step with using all the senses? We’ll also cover what the VR experience can mean for you.

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